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Hello, I’m Juceno!

Julius Williams, more popularly renowned as Juceno, is a multi-skilled and diversely talented Fashion Designer from Seattle, WA. His persona is filled with the vigor of versatility, ambition, and zeal to do something different.

For several years he has been curbing the thirst of his creative passions by profoundly serving the world in a potpourri of roles. To date, he has successfully made his mark as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, actor, motivational speaker, vlogger, and all-rounder media personality. But still, his fervor to accomplish even more is not slowing down.

Juceno is a military veteran who has always followed his passion for building the life he loves.

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Dabuzzz Media Podcast


New Episode Every Week

Juceno, along with co-hosts Dabuzzz crew gives the hottest takes and interviews that inform and also entertain.
When it comes to the up & coming creators our guests give the down and dirty how they keep their buzzzz going and share the ups and downs of their journey. Our weekly reviews will sting you with our no holds barred reviews. We will be reviewing Pop Culture, Fashion, Music, and Breaking News. Our slogan is "We Deliver The Buzzzz"

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What I Do

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Dabuzzz Media

Dabuzzz Media Company, a digital media consultancy that provides a platform for art creators and enables them to showcase their talents and get true recognition for their efforts. Specializing in different kinds of creative arts and skills, the company covers many fields including music, sports, pop culture, and fashion. It will also provide PR for creators & businesses alike.

Boogie Luxury

Created by Juceno. Boogie Luxury is a Japanese inspired mid-luxury brand that sells handbags, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and home decoration.


Boogie Apparel

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Founded by Juceno and Justin “Clutch” Harris. Boogie Apparel is a brand that seeks to be “for the people.” It was artistically created with dope collections while feeling comfortable in the brand. 

Brands & Partnerships



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